Financial Hurdles Force Gambian Chef to Postpone Guinness World Record Bid

Ms. Fatou SaidyKhan, an accomplished Gambian chef, is set to embark on a culinary journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional cooking.

By: Awa Conteh

In an unexpected turn of events, Gambian Chef Fatou Saidykhan’s highly anticipated Guinness World Record attempt for the longest individual cooking session has been postponed to February 17, 2024. The delay is due to unforeseen financial challenges that have hindered the initial plans.

The cook-a-thon was initially scheduled for Monday, January 22, at the Youth Monument in Westfield. Chef Fatou aimed to break the record by cooking nonstop for at least 12 days. However, the need for more funds to set up the necessary infrastructure, including a temporary cooking booth/kitchen, has forced the postponement.

“Regrettably, I cannot proceed with the event as planned due to some unforeseen financial challenges. One significant obstacle is the lack of funds to set up the necessary infrastructure at the Youth Monument, our chosen venue for the cook-a-thon. Building a temporary structure, a cooking booth/kitchen, demands resources beyond my means”, she told The Alkamba Times.

Undeterred by these setbacks, Chef Fatou remains steadfast in her quest to surpass the Guinness World Record. Stressing the importance of meticulous preparation and community support, she emphasized that the extended timeline resulting from the postponement would allow her team to secure essential resources and ensure the event’s success. Notably, the food prepared during the cooking marathon will be donated to a boarding school or orphanage focusing on Arabic Studies, showcasing Chef Fatou’s dedication to giving back to the community.

In a heartfelt plea to the community, Chef Fatou Saidykhan is reaching out to individuals and businesses, urging them to contribute and support her Guinness World Record attempt through donations. She believes that every donation, regardless of size, will play a pivotal role in transforming this challenge into a triumphant moment for the nation.

“I believe in the collective spirit of our community and the impact we can create together. To make this dream a reality, I am reaching out to all individuals and businesses, urging you to come forward and support this endeavor through donations. Your contribution, big or small, will make a significant difference in our pursuit of this Guinness World Record”, the young chef said.

Chef Sayykhan expresses gratitude for the community’s understanding and eagerly anticipates the support to pave the way for her on this extraordinary journey. Stay tuned as she aims to etch her name in history on February 17, 2024, with the community’s support.


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