Flex to host Kevin Kunta in the 2023 wrestling season premiere


By: Bubacarr Fallaboweh

Flex and Italian heavyweight fighter Kevin Kunta will open this season’s wrestling competition on October 29th.

Kevin Kunta moved to Italy in 2016 and has been an established Heavyweight fighter since 2019. Kevin has represented Italy in international Fights in Paris, Prague, Slovenia, Amsterdam, and Serbia. He has won several trophies, including three gold medals and belts with all gold in Italy. Mama Lamin, the last three official combat in the Gambia, handed him two victories and one defeat against Doubalesz.

Wrestling Revival Group has been staging competitions since 2014 and is scheduled to open the season; the face-to-face is set for October 7th.

WRG has taken Barton to an international level. Last season, they opened the season with grassroots wrestling between Reug Reug and Jobis. The WRG has been consistent since 2014. They even had wrestling for the King of the arena between Hoyantan and Jokadu.

Both wrestlers gave exclusive interviews to Alkamba Sports as they continued their training.

” I am preparing for this combat and world championship international in the pipeline.” A buoyant Kevin said

Flex, on the other hand, is confident that the title will remain in the Gambia.

“The bout is international, between Gambia and Italy, let him ( Kevin) come, we entertain the spectators, we fight until we are shown on tv. We will fight and wrestle, and I will teach him how.”

“To wrestle in the Gambia again will be a joy because the Gambia made me who I am. The Gambian people stood behind me; everything started from there. As a Middleweight fighter, I always tell Italians that we (the Gambia) have an exceptional culture. They always ask me where I learned this wrestling style, and I replied the Gambia. I want to add my experience and technique to Gambian wrestling. I can’t wait to see the fans; they have been there in difficult moments. It’s an ample opportunity for Gambian wrestling to take this connection, which will help it internationally.

“Coming to Italy has opened my heart and mind. I have experienced something I didn’t expect. The start was hard because the way they train is tough. You have to accept, believe, and be disciplined. Training has made me reach the level I am. In terms of expertise as a Middleweight fighter, it has widened my knowledge, & communication skills. I have six coaches; everyone trains me in different art.”

” Lots of progress is made in wrestling. Lots of promoters, and that’s what helps the youths to help themselves and their families. Media coverage, journalists, TV, and social media are all on the rise, increasing publicity. A Stadium is lacking because it’s a sport that the Gambian population likes and loves; you see the turnout.”

Last season, Flex only had one combat against Yaya Jammeh, which ended in a defeat. He wants to open a new page in the future this season.

“We have been yearning for such opportunity that our wrestling goes to international level. We, the people, are struggling. By reaching the international level, the status quo would change. We are happy; it’s an impact. We, the entire Tallinding Mballo, are happy. I am praying for a victory against him. I know the position I am going to if I have a victory. We are still working on the upcoming season. Our team has three combats, all preparing for their combats. There are no off-seasons; you work more in the off-season. I have other wrestlers in mind. Therefore I am training for the full season.”

The WRG secretary General Alfa Jallow said the combat between Flex and Kevin Kunta would accompany eight other actions on the day, while the special combat is between Kartus and Eumeu Sene.

“This upcoming season is different from other seasons simply because seven promoters have signed their combat before the season commences. It has never happened before, and we have four extra promoters underground making their things. We expect a great season. Because before only three stages, their combats.”

Mr. Jallow continues to say WRG will only spend Half a million dalasis in October, ranging from Wrestler’s payment and logistics. He, therefore, calls for sponsors to rally behind wrestling promotion in the Gambia.

“Sponsors are not coming as we expect. Last season Honorable Baboucarr Mansally, councilor for Tallinding North and Talib Bensouda, gave us individual support. Africell is around the corner, offering flags, radio advertisements, and billboards. Therefore our most considerable profit comes from strategists selling tickets. Babyba Financial had become a microfinance company, making it difficult to get sponsors from them compared to when they sponsored us 100%. “


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