TAT Poem: My African Letter

Saffiatou Joof
By: Saffiatou Joof 
I read it in The Alkamba Times Lamp. 
​I can sense the rims of my fingers freezing.
A blessed daughter of an African olive tree 
A star of mind bedded with a glow of seeds. 
 A star of colors glorified by the rainbow lights
 A star of skin glimpsed with the shea butter deems 
While I kiss her tender neck out of splendor 
As if I’m Christiano Ronaldo, who has 
five times won the Ballon d’Or
Shall I tell you how I sense her in the darkness?
 As her black skin causes an enormous eruption 
I hope you will be forever faithful.
 Hopes are being concealed, not high but guilt. 
 Africans in denial of the black skin tone war 
That knuckles down to lower self-esteem  
Respect the summer of peace in black worn. 
As little as we might seem, a lure shining core 
That refreshes the conclusion of confidence in her skin. 
Taking the lead in the black bonding touch
 Fat lips and roll-up eyeballs with thick hips 
That testifies to the true proud African rocket tool. 
These members wave stars in the skies, 
Her members are not found with red-brown eyes. 
Whose immense beauty manifested in the Island
Black women have a distant history yet are humble. 
With a modeling root of sweetness in her flute 
Like newly harvested grains in a weed field 
Where can I find her fingertips? 
At the North Pole of Africa up hills 
Or on the West Coast in the bottomless sea,  
Where she glimpses pursuing her purest dream 
Where can I touch her shiny black skin? 
Thirsty wide eyes, beautiful black pearls 
Whose voice can humble any human race? 
And raise a man 360 degrees of stress.
Then unify the whole globe in one slot of sleep. 
She resembles the good smell of a coconut tree.
For any man that beats his chest promises 
It’s like a lost aroma on the premises, 
A belief that black women are the pure fruits of peace,  
That turns a bitter mold of mint sweet.
That cools down a depressed man’s soul.
That lost the deeper scents of his breath with roses.
My African letter. I hope that you rate this poem better.


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