The Holy Month of Ramadan

Saffiatou Joof

By: Saffiatou Joof

The fears in my heart kept me scared
As I sat down in my bed, I was ready to reappear
Honored by the month of the holiest month

Respire for the destination to inspire a generation
Humble to the highest degree of existence
I am grateful for the breath of societal challenges

When shall I start thanking You Enough?
In pain, you keep me with the strength of faith
In a disappearing voice, you kept me steadfast and worked hard.

My fingers rounded with beads the words of praises
Glorifying the Holy Quran as the best revelation
Brought forth to humankind as an enlightening script

I cried when I heard the voice prompt for the verses.

“Iqra bismi rab bikal lazee khalaq’

I revise and then rewind the words to a soothing recitation
That was curing my sick heart that had lost much vibration

Warning a society of the most anticipated day of the afterlife
That even a mother shall forget the love of her son due to the trumpet
Everyone with your deeds is placed on your faces in a story queue

Nonetheless, we foresight with peace of mind and are astonished
That the beehive never stopped building its new home
Let the Ramadan Eid begin with a new thought of trust

That will clean and soak our souls with love and kindness
Showcase our strength to the watering of a newborn seed
To grow a flourishing garden of youths not malnourished

And let the Quran guide the services of our lips
And let our hands deepen not in darkness through the zips
I remembered Egypt through the history of the pharaoh

This is a great example to illustrate the history of the holy Quran
Then, I ordered my pen to ink the papers in patients
Then, he considered death to be the scariest part of the evidence
Then, I praised Allah for all the difference in light and enthusiasm.


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