Food Bank Gambia – Community Outreach for Flood Victims

ood Bank Gambia Community Outreach on 22nd July 2022 © Food Bank Gambia

By Food Bank Gambia

Food Bank Gambia is the first food relief/ assistance project in The Gambia which aims to provide food assistance to the needy and minimize food waste. The goal of Food Bank Gambia is to eradicate hunger and boost the country’s food security through food assistance and the implementation of programs focusing on breaking the cycle of poverty.

After the recent flash floods Food Bank Gambia will be rolling out a community outreach to assist flood victims stay hunger free.

According to Hunger Statistics from the World Bank Hunger has been on the increase in The Gambia from 2015 to 2019. The most recent recorded change was a 1.2% increase from 12.4% of the Gambian Population in 2018 to 13.6% of the Gambian Population in 2019.

As indicated by the name, Food Bank Gambia’s area of operations is The Gambia and is spearheaded by a Gambian Diaspora, Awa Damia based in the Netherlands with active representatives and volunteers in the country. Just two weeks back on 22nd July 2022 Food Bank Gambia conducted its first Community Outreach, benefiting some 5 families in Bundung Farokono with two weeks’ worth of food supplies.

Food Bank Volunteers

The food items shared benefited a total of 18 people and 6 babies with provisions such as rice, sugar, tea, spaghetti, vegetable oil, onions, tomato paste, mustard, soap, Baby food, seasoning and chocolate spread.

Food Bank Gambia was able to fund its first activity through donations from generous supporters and the founder who now feels compelled to help flood victims who have been devasted by the recent floods. Over the weekend of 30th July 2022, a number of resident Gambians suffered from flash floods after a prolonged couple of days of non-stop rains. This resulted in some properties collapsing as rain inundated compounds and filled up a number of homes.

One of beneficiaries of the Food Bank

With as little as $20 you can support one person with food items to last between one and two weeks. $100 can help support one family with food items to last the same period. This could go a long way to help a flood victim with sufficient food to stay hunger free with time to invest in productive work or address flood damage on their property.

Knowing that flood victims may have their food provisions damaged by the floods, Food Bank Gambia is rolling out a Go Fund Me to solicit financial support from anybody willing to help ensure more Flood Victims have access to food and stay hunger free.

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