Food Insecurity & Fear of Eviction: Forgotten Gambian Students In Morocco Calls on the Government to Disburse Their Yearly Stipends


Amidst the delay in receiving their annual stipend from the government of The Gambia, the leadership of the Gambian Students Association in Morocco (GASAM) has called for an urgent disbursement of their stipend from the government, explaining that the delay is causing them food insecurity and fear of eviction from rented houses since most of them are highly dependent on the $1200 and $900 Gambia government yearly stipend for accommodation and feeding.

The association’s leadership has made multiple efforts to engage relevant authorities in the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology for redress, but their efforts could not progress.

Today, the leadership then released a press release announcing an urgent call on the government to disburse their stipends, explaining their situation due to the delay in not receiving them.

“Many of us rely heavily on stipends to cover our basic expenses. Delayed stipends have thrust many students into financial hardship, depriving us of the ability to afford meals, rent, and other essentials necessary for a decent standard of living. With limited financial resources, we face food insecurity, compromising our health and well-being,” the leadership explained.

They added that aside from the food insecurity that many people are grappling with due to not receiving their stipend from the government of the Gambia, the cost of rent for the students renting is another heavy burden on certain students, putting them at risk of eviction by their landlords.

The Alkamba Times understands that the students also receive bimonthly stipends of 1250 or 1500 Moroccan Dirham. The rent cost is up to 900 Moroccan Dirhams excluding other necessities.

After several efforts without any positive results, the students are now calling on the government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology to disburse their stipends to help themselves urgently.

“As Gambian students studying in Morocco, we are issuing an urgent call to all relevant authorities and stakeholders to assess the matter at hand promptly. While we acknowledge the complexities involved in fund disbursement, we cannot simply watch as our futures hand in the balance,” the statement reads.


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