Forbes Recognizes Gambian Tech CEO Among 200 African Laureates Transforming the Continent

Gambian Tech CEO Dr. Jorjoh Ndure-Tambedou

Forbes Africa has recognized Gambian Tech CEO Dr. Jorjoh Ndure-Tambedou as among the top 200 laureates who embody Africa’s dynamism and renewal.

The awards, which honored and shed light on Africans whose economic and societal commitment left its mark on the continent, have identified the CEO of Insist Global Gambia as among the 200 African young changing transforming the continent.

Speaking to The Alkamba Times, Dr. Jorjoh Ndure-Tambedou, who holds a Ph.D. in Medical Science, said the award humbles her.

“Being recognized by Forbes Africa/Choiseul Africa as a top laureate ‘who embodies the dynamism and renewal of a whole continent, and carries the hopes of an entire generation’ is humbling for me. I was just going about my life, simply being! This underscores that authenticity, hard work, and passion is the answer to Africa’s challenges. I have great faith in the future of our country, The Gambia, and our continent at large,” she told TAT.

Dr. Jorjoh Ndure-Tambedou, a Tech CEO

While expressing how she feels after being recognized among young African leaders shaping the country’s future, she advised young people to face challenges but see them as prospects.

“I urge the youth to not succumb to challenges but see them as opportunities and be the drivers of change. Integrity, hard work, and determination will always prevail.”

The Choiseul Africa Business Forum and the Choiseul Africa Awards, drawing on Choiseul’s in-depth expertise in the dynamics underpinning African growth, reinforce the status acquired by Choiseul Africa: a key player in understanding the issues of economic governance on the African continent and its dialogue with the rest of the world, primarily Europe.

Published for the first time in 2014, the Choiseul 100 Africa is a groundbreaking study carried out by Choiseul, which identifies and ranks the 200 young African leaders aged 40 and under playing a significant role in Africa’s economic development.


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