Former Bankers Assoc ES Appointed SG of West African Bankers Association

Alhagie Jeng, The New SG of West African Bankers Association

The former Executive Secretary of the Gambia Bankers Association, Mr Alhagie  Jeng, has been appointed the new secretary general of the West African Bankers Association.

Mr. Jeng has officially transitioned to the West Africa Bankers Association, where he assumed the role of Secretary General. This pivotal position will see him play a key role in advancing the interests of the banking sector across the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region, with Freetown, Sierra Leone, as the central hub for his operations.

His appointment reflects a strategic move by WABA to strengthen its commitment to promoting collaboration and growth within the banking sector throughout the ECOWAS region.

Alhagie Jeng has 12 years of distinguished service with the Gambia Bankers Association. In a testament to unwavering dedication and profound expertise, Mr. Alhagie Jeng has successfully concluded a remarkable 12-year tenure with the Gambia Bankers Association (GBA).

Serving most recently as the Executive Secretary, Mr. Jeng’s illustrious professional journey with the GBA has reached its pinnacle, as he now embarks on a new chapter with the West Africa Bankers Association (WABA).

Mr. Jeng’s invaluable contributions to the GBA have been instrumental in shaping the organization’s strategic direction and fostering collaboration within the banking sector. His steadfast commitment to excellence and tireless efforts have significantly contributed to the growth and success of the GBA during his tenure.


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