Former Foreign Minister says Gambians should not believe Gov’t over the Alleged Coup Plot

Mr. Sidi Sanneh, Former Foreign Affairs Minister & Ambassador to Senegal

A former Gambian foreign minister and Ambassador has said Gambians should be cautious over the alleged foiled coup plot.

In a statement obtained by TAT, Sidi Sanneh, a former diplomat, and critic of the Jammeh and Barrow administration said Gambians should not also believe a word coming from the controversial government spokesman, Ebrima Sankareh, over the alleged plot.

“A coup that wasn’t. Gambians don’t believe a word coming from Government Spokesperson Sankareh,” the diplomat said from his base in Washington DC.

“What was meant to be a dragnet, designed to falsely accuse innocent but highly vocal and uncompromising principled human rights advocates among them, is turning out to be a theater of the absurd,” the outspoken critic added:

“Before the government tries to implicate innocent Gambians, it should first and foremost try to convince Gambians that a coup plot or attempt coup actually took place. So far, all indications are it was a false flag that went, embarrassingly, off-tangent. Re-align your facts to a storyline destined to be an albatross around the neck of the Barrow administration.”

The government last week announced the launch of a joint investigation panel to investigate the alleged coup plot to topple the government foiled two weeks ago.

The panel, which includes various security apparatuses and the Ministry of Justice, has 30 days to submit their report after their probes.

Meanwhile, the government has announced the arrest of seven (7) members of the alleged coup plot who are currently under custody and believed to be helping ongoing investigations.


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