Former Minority Leader  Samba Jallow Refutes Constituency Allegations

Hon.Samba Jallow

By: Alieu Ceesay

Samba Jallow, the National Assembly Member representing Niamina Dankunku, has addressed allegations made by a constituent who accused him of neglecting his people after being elected.

“I am writing to you as a member of Niamina Dankunku District to express my profound disappointment in your representation and leadership over the past 13 years. Despite being our National Assembly Member for a long time, we have seen little to no progress or development in our community under your 13 years tenure,” an open letter written by one Mr. Ousman Nget, former Niamina Dankunku Lawmaker, stated.

The letter further reminded Samba Jallow of some political promises he made during the fourth parliamentary elections campaign.

“Your promises during your campaign have remained unfulfilled, and the people of Niamina Dankunku continue to suffer due to the lack of effective representation,” the author reminded Honourable Jallow.

Another concern raised by the author is an unfinished road project initiated during the previous regime. Since then, it has been left in limbo, leaving the community isolated and underserved.

“One of the most glaring issues we face is the unfinished road construction project that connects Niamina Choya to Kung-Biran dock.”
However, in an exclusive interview with TAT, Honourable Samba Jallow refuted these allegations, describing the letter as “baseless and political sabotage” against him.

Jallow, one of the longest-serving lawmakers in The Gambia with 13 years of parliamentary experience and a former Minority Leader of the National Assembly, stated that his constituents voted for him because of his development efforts on their behalf.

“The people of my constituency (Niamina Dankunku) are voting me to this office for three consecutive terms. Do you think it’s by mistake?” he asked. “It’s not by mistake because of the hard work I am giving to my people. I have recently coordinated to ensure that over 500 bags of fertilizer are available to my constituency.”

Moreover, the former Minority Leader emphasized that the letter’s author has overlooked the social development projects he has brought to his constituency. According to him, 24 villages have been electrified, with work in progress in two other villages.

“During my tenure, villages were electrified, more schools were built, I distributed solar street lights in several communities within the constituency, pipes provided water to serve several communities, and milling machines helped my people. Even internet connections are not a problem; I engage the right authorities.”

Jallow, who has represented the country in several levels of diplomacy, shared his future plans for the people of Niamina Dankunku: “My future is the road project that connects Niamina Choya to Kung-Biran dock and to have enough water supply for cattle during the dry season.”
With determination and hope, Honourable Jallow is optimistic that his pipeline projects will be successful. “Those are the legacies I want to have.”

When asked if he would contest another parliamentary election, he said the people of Niamina Dankunku would decide.


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