Former Rapper Retsam launched a new project to support Gambian Artists publishing Music on digital platforms

former rapper and now producer A&R Jerreh Badjie, known as Retsam

Chambaii Distro, established by former rapper and now producer A&R Jerreh Badjie, known as Retsam, is a platform created to help emerging artists from Africa, particularly The Gambia, distribute and publish their Music on digital platforms. 


“This idea has long been in the pipeline, as the availability of local Music from that side of the world seems not to be found in the digital streaming world. Only a few local artists have access to these tools, so he deemed it proper to bridge the gap and establish a platform to make it accessible,” Retsam told TAT. 


Not only will Chambaii Distro distribute Music on over 100 music streaming platforms, but it will also help collect royalties through publishing; this will help artists benefit directly from their work without having to struggle to do it themselves.

He said: ” Chambaii Distro will work with artists and guide them through making their Music available and discoverable to the rest of the world. 

We will also offer services in A&R to help brand and shape artists” careers, build their networks, and give them a sense of direction on their projects.” 


Chambaii Distro is a subsidiary of Chambaii Group, which engulfs Chambaii Music. It is known for working with various artists, producers, beat makers, and industry gurus who helped build the foundation that gave Gambia the music industry today.


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