Founder Solutions for Gambia Disapproves of Sabally and Dr. Ceesay’s Appointments to Cabinet Roles

Sam Ceesay, the founder of Solutions for the Gambia

By: Kebba Ansu Manneh

Sam Ceesay, the founder of Solutions for the Gambia and a prominent political activist, has strongly criticized the current administration’s recent appointments of Momodou Sabally as Presidential Adviser and Dr. Ismaila Ceesay as Minister of Information. He labels them as poor choices that do not bode well for the country’s future.

In an exclusive interview with TAT, he suggested that the two gentlemen could have been given different cabinet positions based on their skills and previous achievements.

According to him, Solutions for the Gambia believes that individuals must be appointed to government positions based on their past experiences, achievements, and results; adding a vibrant Personal Management Officer (PMO) would have better advised the President and his Cabinet on appointing officials to various positions that will ensure their efficacy and efficiency.

“We don’t see anything wrong with the reshuffling of the Cabinet as the purpose is to correct the errors so that the new team members can effectively run the affairs of the ministries they are appointed at. The mere changing of officials from one Cabinet position to another is not the solution for Gambia, but putting the right personnel in the right positions is the solution for Gambia,” Sam Ceesay observed.

He added: “We have seen Dr. Ismaila Ceesay appointed to the Cabinet and as the Minister of Information, but is that the solution? We (Solutions for the Gambia) are saying no. If you vet Dr. Ceesay, you will realize that he is very educated, but the position offered to him would be wrong if the PMO was allowed to advise the President on his appointment.”

He emphasized that a vibrant Personal Management Office (PMO) would have simplified the appointment of government officials as it would have advised the President on the past experiences, achievements, and results of any official to be appointed. He added that this would ensure that officials are given the right positions in government if they are to perform effectively and avoid failure.

Founder Solutions for the Gambia also observed that the appointment of Momodou Sabally to the position of Special Adviser depicts the consistency of the President in appointing the wrong people to the wrong position, adding that it’s no secret that President Adama Barrow has consistently appointed people who have been indicted by the commissions while disallowing others from gaining appointments to the government.

“As a leader, it would have been better to follow the rules of fair play; if others are left to gain appointment, then others should be appointed. However, appointing Momodou Sabally as Special Adviser to the President clearly shows that he does what he wishes but not what the Solutions for Gambia are,” Sam Ceesay highlighted.

He added: “Even though Sabally is intelligent and talented, it would have been better to give him a role that is marred with his qualification, but yet again, the President did what he feel likes to do. The President’s guide of the economy could have been advised to appoint Sabally as an economic minister or economic adviser rather than a special presidential adviser.”

The Solutions for Gambia Founder also observed that most presidential advisers virtually lack the knowledge and experience to man such positions, emphasizing that the Personal Management Officer should not be left out in the appointment of government officials if results are to be forthcoming for the country’s development irrespective of political inclinations.


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