Gambia Amputee Football star Jallow named in inABLE Face of Africa

Ebrima Jallow,

By: Pa Barrow

Ebrima Jallow, the Gambia Amputee Football Association star player, has been named in the Faces of Africa by inABLE, organizers of the Inclusive Africa Conference for Persons With Disabilities in Nairobi, Kenya last month, where Ebrima was in attendance to represent The Gambia as a Disability Inclusive Influencer.

The conference promotes digital accessibility in Africa for Persons with Disabilities. Ebrima’s task will include standing and speaking for Young Persons with Disabilities in Africa for digital accessibility.

“I am so excited about the opportunity to be part of this great platform. It means a lot to me as a person with a disability. I believe this will help me stand and fight for the right of Persons With Disabilities in my country (The Gambia) and the world at large,” Ebrima told Alkamba Times.

Ebrima knows the task ahead: “I fully understand the task ahead of me. I am equally grateful and honored for the trust and confidence bestowed on me and the chance to attend the conference.”

“I am ready to live up to expectations and share my knowledge and experience with my people back home and beyond,” Jallow said.

InABLE is a nonprofit organization based in Nairobi, Kenya, and Washington, DC, with a mission to empower Persons With Disabilities through technology.


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