Gambia Announces Lifting All Covid-19 Restrictions

Hon. Hamat NK. Bah Minister of Tourism & Culture

The Gambia’s minister of Tourism and Culture, Hamat MK Bah, has today made a public announcement on behalf of The Gambia Government at the symbolic launch of the World Bank-supported grant of D4.2 billion Tourism Diversification and Resilience In The Gambia Project (TDRGP) at Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Center, Bijilo.

The visibly upbeat Minister Bah said the move is part of President Adama Barrow’s government sustainable drive to promote the destination Gambia as the efforts to restore lost tourism glory in light of this multi-million dollar project heightened.

“I have good news to make. But, first, I convey to you the news from President Adama Barrow that henceforth all COVID-19 restrictions in the country are lifted,” Minister Bah disclosed with a sense of delight.

The Tourism and Culture Minister seized the moment to thank and extol the Gambian leader for the timely consideration of lifting all COVID-19-related restrictions in the country.

He arguably explained that this will curtail excess spending on the tourists and other holidaymakers to the destination Gambia.

Hamat Bah expressed optimism that lifting COVID-19 restrictions in The Gambia is a hallmark of a new beginning in the country’s tourism sector.


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