Gambian Embassy in Mauritania faces a deepening crisis as Ambassador Faye seeks urgent intervention from FM Tangara

Ambassador Shiekh Omar Faye

By: Kebba Ansu Manneh 

The diplomatic crisis at the Gambian Embassy in Mauritania has intensified, involving the recalled Deputy Ambassador Jerreh Jammeh and Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye. Despite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recall, Jammeh refuses to return to Banjul.

The Gambian Ambassador to Mauritania has urgently contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, and Gambians Abroad, requesting an important meeting between Momodou Tangara, Gambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, and his Mauritanian counterpart to address the crisis at the embassy.

The call for a meeting follows escalating tensions at the Gambian Embassy in Mauritania. Deputy Head of Mission Jerry Jammeh is in conflict with Ambassador Faye regarding his recall notice from the foreign service, yet he has not returned to The Gambia.

“This request for an audience is motivated by the need to discuss instructions contained in a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Corporation and Gambians Abroad of the Republic of The Gambia addressed to His Excellency Shiekh Omar Faye, the Ambassador of the Republic of The Gambia in Nouakchott dated 5th June 2024. The said letter deals with the measures to be taken following the repeated refusal of the former Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Jerreh Jammeh, to comply with the legitimate decision to recall the service”, Ambassador Shiekh Omar Faye writes to the Mauritanian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

According to the letter seen by TAT and also addressed to Foreign Minister Tangara, Ambassador Faye wrote: “Accordingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of The Gambia has decided to withdraw all immunities and privileges of Mr. Jerry Jammeh as a diplomatic agent of The Gambia. Due to the above, the Embassy also requested the withdrawal of all documentation, including resident permits issued to Mr. Jerry Jammeh by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania due to his status as a diplomatic agent, and requested that competent Mauritanian authorities begin the process of the immediate withdrawal from Mauritanian territory.”

The request letter for the audience between Minister Tangara and his counterpart also urges the Mauritanian authorities to treat the request urgently to ensure that Mr. Jerreh Jammeh heeds his recall in service. It also expresses deep gratitude to the Mauritanian Foreign Affairs Ministry for the due diligence with which this matter will be examined, acknowledging their commitment and professionalism.

However, The Alkamba Times spoke with an insider at The Gambian Embassy in Nouakchott, who confirmed that the request letter had been sent to the Mauritanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for due consideration.

The insider added that the Gambian Embassy has not been at ease since Saikouba Jarju’s arrival. Jarju allegedly masterminded the recall of Mr. Jerreh Jammeh, Deputy Head of Mission at the Gambian Embassy in Mauritania.

The source said Mr. Jerreh Jammeh has been very passionate and committed to the welfare of Gambians based in Mauritania and has been serving diligently since he was appointed deputy head of mission.

The source noted that the Gambian community in Mauritania is expecting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Gambia to launch an investigation into the Embassy’s affairs rather than recalling Mr. Jerry Jammeh, who is a victim of circumstances.


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