Gambian foreign-based players need to be more hungry

Musa Barrow

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh

There is always a comparison between this generation and the 70s, 80s, and 90s. However, one can conclude that what the older generation lacks is that the current generation is thriving with their mother’s luck.

Their talent was out of this world in all departments. But it’s this generation that is having the luxurious things in football.

Few had the chance to go for trials; only some were scouted, as it would take the Gambia to make appearances in the U17 World Cup, U20 World cup, or even the Nations cup before players were spotted. It made it even harder for players to be spotted and developed. Many that went for trials failed to make an impression, and those that were successful, their clubs, were asking for huge sums of money.

With the current generation, you could sit at home and watch any Gambian foreign-based player. But, with our Quarterfinals berth in Cameroon during the last AFCON, our players would make big moves.

Bubacarr Sanneh and Yusupha Bobb are now without a club. It took goalkeeper Baboucarr Gaye a couple of months to make a big move.

Our guest, Ebrima Ceesay, a University student currently doing his master’s degree program in Statistics and Data Science at the University of The Gambia, like many Gambians fans, is one of the few to follow every Gambian player, be it buying data or sitting on the sofa to watch the Gambian foreign-based players playing.

One word sticks to their mind ” the lack of hunger from our players.”

“I want to relay my dismay and frustration, especially to Musa Barrow and Assan Ceesay; these are players I like. I watch their games, and I never miss their game. The players should know they are representing the Gambia and not themselves. When they are on the pitch, let them show hunger. Sometimes they quickly feel contended and don’t like pushing harder.

Musa Barrow feels so relaxed on the pitch; this is the Italian league, viewed worldwide. He needs to market himself and the whole country. This is where he has to showcase himself and sell himself. Brighton didn’t take the risk of buying him, though he is good. Teams like Cremonse are the kind of small clubs that you pose and dominate. They should make sure that they always fight. He was taken off after the break,” Ceesay explained.

“They look like they don’t have the urge; they are intelligent and skillful, but the hunger is not there, and that’s a problem. Players like Assan Ceesay, and Sulayman Marreh, these players are significant to our team. They have to up their games.”

“Ebou Adams, Ablie Jallow, Ali Sowe, and Alieu Fadera are a few players that show zeal and fighting spirit,” He added.


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