Gambians Mark Eid in Splendid Elegance Online

One of Eid Celebrant in her african wear

By Aminata E.Sanyang

The Eidul-Adha festival is one of the most anticipated feasts in the Gambia, observed by Muslims worldwide, with multiple activities manifested in prayers and sumptuous feasting in an extraordinary fashion.

In the Gambia, celebrations are marked by a general transformation of wardrobes, with dressmakers designing stunning African attires for men and women.

Carried uniquely with trendy Eid hashtags for online display adorned with beautiful outfits, Twitter has become a platform rocking this trend over the years, with Gambians converging on social media to celebrate each other’s elegance and Eid fashion.

It’s the new online fashion walkway, and no one wants to miss out on this fascinating color, style, and smile display. So, while posts accompany frames and Eid Mubarak captions, almost everyone hops into it.

The outfits are stitched in African fabric and come in different designs, with fashion houses fighting to top each other in a moment of joy and celebration.

This social media trend has ushered in a unique connection between Gambians, generating a bond that grows into solid circles.

“Exhibiting my Kaftan and Eid wishes online gives me a unique feeling. It feels am celebrating this day with the rest of the world,”-Haddy Sohna Sarr told TAT.

After Eid congregation, men posed with Kaftans, while the evening witnessed a storm of colorful apparel spreading love, prayers, and positive energy.

One of the Eid Celebrant in her African wear

Facebook and Instagram have also picked up the trend, with the platforms seeing beautiful Eid outfits displayed amid Dua and good wishes.

Gambians abroad are also on the rage as the practice allows a feel-home moment during Eid while miles away.

Eid at home with the family has no match, but when that’s not possible, the internet brings home close.

“After posting my Eid outfit and wishes on the internet, it makes me feel at home, and I can connect with friends and family online on this special occasion,”- Ousman Jallow told The Alkamba Times.

The apps are filled with positive energy and beautiful outfits; almost everyone gets engrossed in the celebratory mood.

Eid would feel different without social media and its hashtags and apps.


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