Gamstars Movie Production set to premiere the latest movie


By Ali Jaw

Gambia Stars (Gamstars) Movie Production, a Gambian entertainment and educational group aimed at promoting films in the Gambia will 24 March 2022 premiere the latest Gambian movie title ‘Family Dispute’.

The premier that is slated to take place at Alliance Francaise, is expected to attract a big audience across the country. The movie intends to educate society on issues regarding family problems that can lead to demarcation or in-fighting.

 Pa Modou Cham, the director of the film explained that his production house is empowering the young ones through filmmaking and as well create opportunities for the youth to showcase their talent irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

He continued that Gamstars is a film production established in 2012 to provide and equip Gambian youths with the necessary life and emotional skills to grow and transform them into future actors.

“Our vision is to build confident and empowered young talented and creative Gambian with constructive, critical competencies, innovative life skills, and knowledge for accelerated economic and sustainable development through film making.”

Director Cham alias Gambian Odumu called on the government to support the filmmakers who are contributing immensely to the socio-economy development of this country. He added that the youths are committed to taking charge of our meaningful developments but said support must drive the great initiative. 

“We know the film industry is still struggling but with commitment, dedication and determination, we can build a better film industry in the country. I called n the individuals and donors to support us in order to contribute our part in nation-building.”

Cham said he produced films involving great young actors who are passionate to drive the self-determination concept among young people in the film industry. 

“Our vision is to provide a pathway that inspires and motivates Gambian youths to grow, transform and achieve their potential in making films for the development of the productive sector of our economy.”

With Gamstars Movie Production, Gambian Odumu reiterated that they do install and empower Gambian values and principles of youths through life and emotional skills development in; Communication techniques; Thinking and problem-solving, and interpersonal and self-directional skills for the community; Developing acting skills to become citizens of a new world order; To foster a relationship with new and existing stakeholders towards a common agenda, supporting talents that are led and owned by Gambians; and Strengthening the capacity of personal and professional development.


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