Gov’t to reduce fuel prices Today

The Gambia Petroleum House in Brusubi, WCR

The government of The Gambia, through the Ministries of Information and Petroleum, has announced that there would be a reduction in fuel prices in the country effective May 1, 2023.

The government said the reduction of the prices resulted from the decline in the International price of petroleum products and the foreign exchange rate.

“The Government of the Gambia has decided to transfer the drop in prices to the consumers as a measure of the government’s responsiveness to the needs of its people and sincerely thank them for their continued cooperation and support,” a press statement from the government obtained by TAT said. 

According to the government, the price of petroleum products will be reduced as follows – Petrol – D74.00 per liter (a reduction of D1.00 off the current pump price) Gas oil – D70.50 per liter (a reduction of D2. 00 of the current pump price) and Kerosene – D63.19 per liter (a decrease of D4.11 off the current pump price).

In September 2022, the government announced new fuel prices, which have raised concerns for commuters and public transport users in the Gambia, saying it was costly and unaffordable to many affecting their daily activities.

However, the new reduction would welcome news not only to vehicle users but also to the public whose day-to-day activities are affected by the recent price increase.


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