GTBOARD UK Destination Director Reflects on Journey, Advocates for African Tourism Development as he wins Nigerian Chieftaincy Award

Tourism promotion director, Tourism Board luminary Adama Njie

By Alieu Ceesay

In a candid reflection on his remarkable journey from marketing director to tourism promotion director, Tourism Board luminary Adama Njie shared insights into his passionate advocacy for African tourism development in an exclusive interview with the Alkamba Times.

With a fervent dedication to showcasing the rich cultural tapestry and natural wonders of The Gambia and Africa, Mr. Adama Njie embodies the spirit of a true ambassador.

From navigating the complexities of marketing to leveraging cultural integration as a driving force, his narrative underscores the pivotal role of love for country and unwavering determination in shaping the tourism landscape of the continent.

Adama, once the Director of Marketing for the Gambia Tourism Board, now holds the prestigious role of Director of Tourism Promotion, focusing on the United Kingdom and Central/Eastern Europe. Reflecting on his journey, Mr Njie expressed gratitude for this significant shift in responsibilities:

“I joined the GT Board in 2012 as Director of Marketing, but it’s been an honor to refocus on tourism promotion, especially in the UK, a key market for The Gambia. Representing my country in this capacity is a privilege I cherish,” Adama remarks.

His dedication is fueled by a deep-seated passion to be an ambassador for The Gambia:

“My mandate is all about promoting my country. It’s something I love and have always done, having worked in hospitality and tourism for most of my life,” he proudly explains.

Adama Njie’s impact transcends national borders, earning him accolades such as his recent decoration as title of “Honorable Nigerian Chief” from the Esiaga Achume Kingdom, recognizing his outstanding contributions to tourism development and promotion of the continents heritage and people.

“This award symbolizes the recognition of our efforts beyond our borders, reinforcing the importance of our tourism agenda,” he shares gratefully.

When asked about the keys to developing African tourism, Mr. Njie emphasized the significance of cultural integration:

“Cultural integration is key. Africa’s rich heritage and similarities provide a solid foundation for tourism development. My role is to ensure The Gambia remains central in our global promotions,” he confidently explains.

Aspiring professionals seeking to make a mark in tourism, especially in Africa, receive insightful advice from Adama Njie, rooted in his unwavering belief in the potential of his homeland:

“You have to love what you do and believe in your country. When you’re representing your nation, never relent. Push forward with passion, and your country will shine,” Adama concludes, dedicating his achievements to the committed stakeholders and leaders who have supported him on this transformative journey.

In Mr. Adama Njie’s story, the smiling coast of The Gambia finds a dedicated advocate who embodies the spirit of African tourism development and cultural appreciation.


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