Modou Mboob

 By: Modou Mboob

Six years ago today, I made a post on Facebook showing my commitment & willingness to serve my country at any front. In the same vein, I showed my lack of intention to travel because at the time there was so much work unfolding on the pipeline. For instance, the need to create more awareness among Gambian youths; and the desire to form a political party that’ll salvage The Gambia from its compounding predicaments. In that crusade, I consider myself to be very successful for I had the opportunity to work with as many young people as possible and that impact still continues to bear fruits. Secondly, I proudly conceptualize the formation of a political party in the name of Citizens’ Alliance (CA) with the sole aim to make a difference in the political field of The Gambia. On the other hand, with these successes registered, am I really happy? NO!

Why do I consider myself very successful, but not happy?


In my view, Success and Happiness are completely two different things, and indeed they are both subjective. Personally, I consider myself among the most successful individuals in the world today because: I was able to discover my purpose on earth at a very early age and I am making significant progress in fulfilling my mission; I know Allah is on my side and I fear no one but Him; I follow the life of no other person than our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW; I am bless with the right mind that is not moved by material wealth; I am blessed with a mind that will stand for truth and justice even if I stand alone; I am surrounded by the right people; and many other factors, Alhamdullilah. 


On the other hand, I am NOT happy because if I am to serve any other country I wish it could be The Gambia; I’m not happy because I don’t have to be in another country to get a better job and make good money; I am not happy because I don’t have to be in another country to be respected by my fellow countrymen; I am not happy because I don’t have to be in another country to get free education; I am not happy because I know Gambians are not happy; I am not happy because I don’t have to visit another country and feel like my country is cursed. NO! My country is in fact the heart of the world! The Smiling Coast of Africa! But only if it has the right leadership to propel the change it needs.


Additionally, we are all aware of the upsurge in the number of brilliant youths leaving the shores of The Gambia to either further their education or search for greener pasture in another country. This really makes me happy, but at the same time really worried. It makes me happy because travelling is really a good adventure where one could learn new ideas and grow, which is good for The Gambia. However, it makes me equally worried because if almost all the brilliant young minds leave The Gambia, the country will be left in very incapable hands and the end result will be the continuous suffering of the poor. Something must be done about this! I, therefore, encourage all the young people who travel to the diaspora for educational purposes to be go back home and serve upon completion of their studies. To this end, I will practice what I preach with the aim to encourage others to follow suit.


My fellow Gambians, an unprecedented wave of change is going to hit the political spectrum of The Gambia come 2026 presidential election. This wave will present two options for Gambians to decide on their future and that of their grandchildren. The first option will be for Gambians to continue living in the kind of life they’re currently experiencing or even worse than that. While the second option will present an opportunity where electorates could decide to have a country where every person will live a dignified life, if this option is chosen it’ll be the beginning of a new era for The Gambia. In Shaa Allah if I live to witness this day, I’ll chose the latter option for I’ll choose right over wrong under any circumstance, even if I have to leave the political party I belong to- Citizens’ Alliance (CA). In Shaa Allah if I live to see this, I will come back home and add my weight on the right team and the right team will be the winning team. The 2026 will be different from the 2021 presidential elections where Gambians were presented with a DILEMMA to choose from.


The Gambia is indeed a very blessed country because despite the many challenges we face, we’ve have always managed to maintain that beautiful smile that the whole world knows us for. Ya Allah is observing and he knows this country is destined for something great! 


Finally, depending on what The Gambians will choose I will not need another passport to be happy, instead I’ll use my knowledge to help usher in hope and development for all Gambian people! Alhamdullilah, God has finally accepted the prolonged prayers of Gambians, and the ball will be in our court to either choose to embrace or reject HIS offer.

Fa Inna ma’al usri yusra! 

Best Wishes,

Modou Mboob.

Concerned Citizen.


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