In Shooting of PIU Officers: Top Security Analyst Sees Discrepancies In Evidence Presented By Govt

The alleged suspect Ousainou Bojang

By: Kebba Ansu Manneh

A Gambian security analyst based in the U.S. says there are discrepancies in the evidence the Gambia government has made public following the 12th September fatal shooting of two paramilitary police officers and another officer said to be in a critical condition.

The man who prefers anonymity served in the U.S. military for many years.

Speaking to TAT in an exclusive interview, he described as “conflicting” the evidence heard from different government entities.

“Conflicting and unreliable” was how he characterized the assertions of the Government Spokesperson and what the security chiefs said at the Police Headquarters press conference.

The security analyst also queried calling the Sukuta-Jabang intersection shooting an act of “terrorism.”

“Before you describe an act as “terrorism,” you must do fact-finding anchored on evidence to measure the nature and scope of the act, but in our case, this has not been done.

“Of course, it is a brutal and heinous act, but there is no supporting evidence that it is terrorist in nature, form, or scope.”


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