In Vacationing Couple Theft Case: Alleged Thief denies stealing in Court

Modou Lamin Ndow

By: Foday Manneh

Modou Lamin Ndow, the alleged thief who broke into the house of a US-based Gambian couple, had appeared before Magistrate Ebou Sowe of Brikama Magistrate Court on Monday, January 30, 2023, and pleaded “not guilty” to the charges.

The suspected notorious Thief, who has been charged with “housebreaking and stealing,” was arrested in Jarreng village of the Central River Region of the Gambia a week after the incident.

The alleged burglar broke into the house of the married couple, Sheriff Muhammed Lamin Jarjue and Abibatou Saidy, on January 18, 2023, and took away valuables worth about one million dalasis.

The help of a digital tracker connected to an airpod among the stolen properties helped the victim to locate Modou Lamin, leading to his eventual arrest.

After giving testimony, the Court also cross-examined the victim, Sheriff Muhammed Lamin Jarjue.

While the alleged Thief pleaded not guilty to the offense, the Magistrate has adjourned the case until February 13, 2023, for a bail hearing.


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