‘It is Illegal & Barbaric’: Activist Reacts to Parks and Wildlife Director’s Comment on Hippo Killing

Omar Malmo Sambou

In the wake of the killing of a hippopotamus in Wassu gifted to President Barrow, prominent young activist and environmentalist Omar Malmö Sambou has reacted to the Parks and Wildlife Director’s comments in condemnation while describing the act as “illegal and barbaric.”

Sambou shared his condemnation with TAT a few minutes after this medium ran a story on the reaction of the Department of Parks and Wildlife regarding the killing of the hippo.

“It is a shameful cover-up. The act is legally criminal, morally disgusting, and logically vicious. Parks and Wildlife tried to cover up the criminal, cruel, and barbaric act of killing the hippo that was donated to the President,” the renowned young activist said.

He also argued that it makes no sense for the government department responsible for the preservation and protection of Wildlife and the biodiversity in the country to publicly take responsibility for killing the endangered marine species, something he said is incomprehensible.

The outspoken activist added: ” That’s a lie beyond every reasonable doubt. Killing a hippo by a government department requires plans. A ranger can’t kill a hippo on behalf of a government department just for it to be stolen and donated to the President without them being aware. It was carried by a military-looking truck. The hippo could not be carried by an individual; several personnel were seen on the truck that carried it. They look like the military.”

The young activist described it as “a funny and disappointing story” when someone who has not killed the hippo, has no idea whatsoever, transported and presents to the President as a gift the dead hippo in what seems to be an organized and well-coordinated arrangement.

“President Barrow should be reminded of existing biodiversity legislations and international conventions signed and ratified by The Gambia. The presidency should serve as a role model in preserving our remaining flora and fauna as in the 1977 Banjul Declaration,” he appealed while calling on all concerned conservationists to condemn the act.

Sambou called on the President to desist from being complicit in this marine crime, as the grand scheme surrounding the killing of the hippo still remains sketchy.


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