Lifetime Physical Activity Foundation Launch in the Gambia


By Lamin Fadera

A Foundation for Promoting Life Time Physical Activity was launched in the Gambia on Saturday, 29th July 2023.

Following the launch, an elective congress was conducted at the St. Charles Lwanga Hall in Fajikunda.

World Health Organization representative Momodou Gassama attended the ceremony, National Nutrition Agency program officer Khaddy Ceesay, Global Omar Kora, the Councillor of Fajikunda Baba Jabbie, and other delegates.

The acting secretary general, Sheriff Sanyang, highlighted the significance of setting up FPLPA.

“We want to raise awareness of the importance of physical activities in the Gambia. You don’t need to be a sportsman to do physical activity.

“Everyone should at least take 30 minutes to do physical activities. It will help reduce the risk of noncommunicable diseases.

As an association, we will ensure we work with the Government, NGOs, and other stakeholders to sensitize the public on the importance of physical and its benefit,” Sanyang said.

The World Health Organization representative Momodou Gassama said he was excited to see the Foundation for Promoting Lifetime Physical Activity launched.

Momodou Gassama

He said the WHO takes physical activity very seriously because the WHO wants to make sure the people are engaged more with adequate bodily movement of the joints and skeleton. This will help reduce the risk of death through noncommunicable diseases worldwide.

“As mentioned by your SG, we know when he defined physical activity, I am happy he quoted from the WHO definition, which says any bodily movement that requires energy can reduce the risk of many non-communicable diseases and conditions, including hypertension, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast, and colon cancers and depression.

These are the diseases that kill the majority of people globally. We hope your foundation will be an advocacy group to pressure everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle and do more physical activities, Gassama said.

Omar Kora of Global Fund Gambia and Khaddy Ceesay of National Nutrition Agency discussed setting FPLPA.

Following the foundation’s launch, an election was conducted; here are the new executive members of the Foundation for Promoting Lifetime Physical Activity.

1:Chairman – Yero S.Sowe
2:1st Vice Chairman-Fatou Jallow
3: 2nd Vice Chairman- Demba Kandeh
4: Secretary General – Sheriffo Sanyang
5: Assistant SG- Sukai Jarjusey
6: Treasurer – Yankuba Jatta
7: Auditor – Edmond Jatta
8: Public Relation Officer – Lamin Fadera
9: Social Secretary – Sheriff Sama


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