Mary Njie is Gambia’s Vivian

The New music sensation, Mary Njie
By: Momodou Ndow 
It’s Mary Njie! Mary Njie is the new Vivian Ndure. I understand it’s still early in her career, but I’ll take a chance and say neh Mary is the new Vivian. Waw, mann mako wah! Her talent is pure and her voice scintillating. 
There is something in Mary’s voice that draws my heartstrings and permeates my soul. She has a lovely singing voice and applies the right amount of confidence to her songs. Her voice is exceptionally beautiful. She has the aura of an authentic star as well! Teksi tam, Mary sorfut. She’s very well cultured! Mann morm nim mel neh nama. She’s an artist with the right amount of character and self-belief. In other words, nyemeh na limor deff daal. 
Mary Njie
Mary not only has a raw natural talent, she also studied music to refine her talent, and you can hear the purity of her voice. Her talent transcends multiple genres as well. She can sing Gospel, Mbalax, Afro Beat and Reggae. Not sure about Jazz. Mary, mungaa woy Jazz? The answer is probably YES. Mary has spent considerable time developing her skills, and that’s evident in her new single, Nima Mel, a beautiful song about self-love. 
Despite her demanding musical career, Mary is also a student at Georgia State University, specializing in political science. Beauty, brains and voice! With so much talent and humility, I can only predict a magnificent singing career for her. Mary dafko tek si tempo, yakamti wut. Her talent will grow, and she will continue to florish. We have a Gambian music ambassador in Mary Njie, who deserves all our support. Hana gissulen nim mel? 
Mary Njie
For decades, Gambians have supported artists such as Vivian and Titi by booking them for shows in The Gambia, Europe and America and showering them with gifts. Well, we now have Mary Njie to book for shows and shower with gifts.


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