Massive Fire Consumes Nasser Foam Factory


The Nasser Foam Manufacturing factory and General Enterprises Gambia, Along the Banjul highway, were consumed by fire in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Hundreds of meters from the Denton Bridge, a black cloud of smoke is visible at the Nasser Foam Manufacturing & General Enterprises.

The company is a Wholesale and retail foam manufacturing company that usually imports bulk foam sheets. These sheets are later locally manufactured into bed mattresses, chair seats, and other sponge products.

The cause of the fire is yet to be established by the police and national disaster management agency.

Men and women of the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services rush to extinguish the massive blaze of fire. However, they could save any product from this form processing company, leaving its staff needing clarification.

It was frustrating for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the company’s staff after receiving the fire outbreak news at their company.

The company staff expressed frustration at the incident and described it as unfortunate.

“We sell so many things here ranging from vehicle batteries, mattresses, etc., even some government officials come and buy materials here. We sell so many things, but we lost everything to ashes. We all feel it. We are all family members, and it’s tough for us here at the moment; I’m heartbroken,” a factory staff member grieved.

Sanna Dahaba is the Executive Director of the National Disaster Management Agency. As a director, he provided drones to the scene to measure the damages caused.

“As of now, our primary focus is not to know the cause of the fire but to put off the fire. But, as you can see, this is huge economic damage, both measurable and immeasurable income,” the NDMA boss informed journalists at the scene.

The NDMA boss further calls on the public to be similar to the fire services describing their work as tremendous.

The fire outbreak that started in the early hours of Tuesday morning destroyed all the company’s belongings. The company that sells mattresses, tires, vehicle batteries, and other foam products lost everything in the building.

“In a democracy, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
The fire services have been doing a tremendous job since 5:30. They have been working here,” the disaster agency Boss said.

He added that the fire would spread to other factories without the fire services.


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