Mayor Bensouda is President Barrow’s Biggest Nightmare- Kemo Bojang

Hon. Kemo Bojang with President Barrow

By: Foday Manneh

The National Youth Leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Kemo Bojang, has said that mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda remains the biggest nightmare for President Barrow ahead of the 2023 mayoral elections.

“It is obvious that Mayor Bensouda is the President’s biggest nightmare as we speak, and he will do all he can to remove him from office if he had it his way,” says Kemo.

The Councillor said the UDP-led Kanifing Municipal Council will be heading to the local government elections as an opponent to the President but not the candidate NPP would produce.

“He (President) has begun personal and institutional attacks on the KMC and will not stop from now on. He will do all he can to discredit the mayor and the great KMC has done,” Kemo added.

Kemo also condemned the President for his recent comments to attack the only and maiden waste management initiative in the country introduced by Mayor Bensouda.

“Brikama is one of the dirtiest regions in the country and has no waste management mechanism, but he was not interested in speaking about the poor state of the hospital and the unhygienic situation of the Brikama central market.”

Bojang also said President Barrow’s recent announcement of appointing Governors for the Mayoral regions is unconstitutional and meant to dip their hands into the coffers of poor Gambians.

However, Bojang is undoubtedly sure that the people of Kanifing Municipality would acknowledge the excellent work of Mayor Bensouda during his first term.

He stressed the double standards played by the President in the issue of the Municipal’s Mbalit Project.

“In the presence of our guest from Madison, he praised the Mbalit Project but attacked it in public with the support of Minister Abba Sanyang. They forgot that they charged us D13 million to clear these Mbalit trucks from the Ports.”

Kemo’s expectations were that the government could have acted responsibly to at least waive import taxes to support the great work the Bensouda administration has been doing.

The Youth Leader concluded by saying that the KMC is focused on providing services and welfare to its citizens.


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