Mayor Bensouda to NPP: ‘ If you are confident of winning elections, reasonably do politics’ 

Talib Bensuoda, KMC Mayor

Talib Ahmed Bensouda, mayor of the Kanifing Municipality, has invited president Barrow’s National People’s Party to a new challenge in the upcoming local government elections, despite tensions between the NPP and KMC.

Mayor Bensouda says if the National People’s Party is confident of winning the election, they should embark on a house-to-house campaign with their proposed candidates to reveal their plans to the residents of Kanifing Municipality.

He further said that if the NPP think they are strong enough to win the local government polls, they should do politics reasonably and in peace to be able to staff their positions.

His reactions came following a claim of the council’s refusal to allow the chief executive officer of the KMC to resume back to her office.

According to mayor Bensouda, he had organized an indoor meeting with the CEO in his office.

He said that he asked her (Sainabou) to wait for the council’s general meeting, which was scheduled for (21st February 2023) based on new updates which the board received from the local government service commission.


If a person calls himself a politician, the KM mayor believes the individual should be involved in genuine politics to bring development.

“But, underhand tactics, backdoor arrangements to tarnish the image of someone and to incite violence so that the public could say KMC is unstable. If That is why they should change the KM council, then it is not worth tarnishing an individual’s image,” he emphasized.

However, he noted that the process has to be done through fair politics.

The lord mayor of the KMC is of the notion that all the tactics devised by the incumbent’s party are for the upcoming 2023 local government elections.

“I believed in God and myself. I have prayed to God that ever happens, let it be good for my family and my country,” Mayor Bensouda reveals.

The confident mayor says he will accept the ruling of God in the fast local government polls. “Believe in what I have and have hope in where I am,” he noted.

Bensouda also says nothing will make him destroy the work he has done for the people of the kanifing municipality.

He further said anyone could enter KMC, but no one could force him to work with anybody.

Barely two months before the upcoming elections, the mayor advised violence creators to desist from election violence.


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