Mayor Bensuoda: KMC Revenue Generation Increase From D100 to D250 million in 3 Years

Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensuoda

Talib Ahmed Bensuoda, Mayor of Kanifing Municipality Council has announced that his administration has increased revenue generation from one hundred million dalasi (D100m) in 2017 to two hundred and fifty million dalasi (D250m) in 2021.

“When we took over, KMC was only able to accumulate hundred million (D100m) to be able to do its work,, that was in 2017, before we took office. Between 2018 to 2021, we have increased our revenue to two hundred and fifty million dalasi (D250m),” Mayor Bensuoda revealed.

Mayor Bensuoda was speaking Thursday morning at official opening of the state-of-earth newly built Kanifing Municipality Council (KMC) Chambers named: ‘The People’s Chambers’.

” I presented to the Chairman of the Finance Committee, CLLR Karamo Ceesay of Talinding South D3.8million dalasi as 2022 WDC subvention for our 19 ward development committees to execute small scale community projects. The WDC fund commenced in 2020 is an annual amount of D200,000 issued to every ward development committee for small scale community interventions.”

According to him, the electronic home numbering system introduced by the Planning Committee is designed to encourage residents to pay tax, observing that if revenue collection is not increased it will be virtually impossible to address the growing problems facing the Municipality.

Mayor Bensuoda emphasized that revenue collected by the Council is not enough to carryout all the development aspirations of the region, thus putting Council to undue pressures in delivering to the aspirations of the people of KMC.

“This is why we are encouraging compound owners to come and pay their taxes, those doing business, we are encouraging you to come and pay and those at the market, we are also encouraging you to pay your duties. The majority of people paying their taxes are businessmen but the compound owners are not paying. we are appealing to compound owners to pay their taxes,” Talib Bensuoda said.

Promotion of Sainey Sanyang to deputy Commissioner of Operations

Meanwhile, the council have unamiously agreed and declared the last sunday of every month as a ‘ Settal day’ throughout KMC while endorsing the promotion of Sainey Sanyang to the rank of deputy commissioner of operations at KMC.


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