Mayor Lowe set to send 500 Banjul youths abroad for skills acquisition


The Mayor of Banjul, Rohey M. Lowe, is set to launch youth volunteerism in the capital, Banjul which will see around 500 young people sent to different countries for skills acquisition for a program approved by the United Nations south-south cooperation a few days ago.

The Mayor is set to inaugurate the project with the young people of Banjul tomorrow, July 17, at the Atlantic Hotel, Alkamba Times understands.

The volunteerism program will see youths in the city being sent to different countries for skills acquisition to curb the unemployment rate in the city.

“What we are doing is to give skills to o the youths. Banjul has a very youthful population. Some will be taken to China, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Mali, and Senegal. Fortunately, I traveled to Germany about two weeks ago, and their mayors also want to be part of this. I also have another mayor from Portugal who would like to be part of it. Also, Macedonia what to take some of these youths,” the re-elected Mayor told Alkamba Times while emphasizing her quest to shape the lives of young people in her city.

Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe pointed out that she wanted more young people to be part of the project but needed more than the 100 million Dalasi fund she targeted. According to her, since she could not get the D100 million she wanted, she could only target 500 youths in Banjul for the pilot project.

The United Nations South-south Cooperation, UNDP, and Islamic Bank support the Youth Volunteerism program to be inaugurated tomorrow.

TAT cannot confirm the duration of the program for now, but the Mayor intends to spread her wings to other regions as well.

Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe has reportedly been quoted to have said that she intends to focus more on development than involving herself in politics. After completing her second term, she promised she would no longer contest for the seat.


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