Momodou Ndow Authors new Book launching a sequel to “Banjul Mosquitoes”

Momodou Ndow, The Author

Barely a year after publishing his first book, US-based Gambian writer Momodou Ndow has authored his second Book: “Memories of a Gambian Child Series.” Titled “The Move: Slouching towards Bakau.”

The prolific writer announced the publication of his second Book: ‘The Move: Slouching Towards Bakau.’ which celebrates one of the most popular coastal enclaves in the Gambia.

‘In this sequel to the Mischievous Mosquitoes of Banjul series, Momodou is sent away to live with his uncle in the nearby town of Bakau. Unbeknownst to Momodou, the Banjul Mosquito Forces were aware that Momodou disclosed their biting playbook to the entire city of Banjul, and now he must pay! Will the Force get their revenge on Momodou, or will Momodou outsmart them in Bakau?’

‘In addition, a new mosquito character named Cheppeh (young lady) will be introduced in this new installment of the book series. She is a studious young lady from Banjul Central who made a name for herself in Banjul.’

The Author told Alkamba Times: “I want to express my gratitude to FyeN Publishing, Saul Njie, my editor, and Saffie Jagne, my co-author and niece. This is a passion project, and I feel fortunate to have you on my team. You are truly appreciated.”

“Lastly, to everyone who has been a source of support either by buying the first Book, helping to promote it, offering words of encouragement, or in whatever form, I would like to say a big thank you to you too. The valuable support has been one of the many incentives to carry on, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Asked what motivates his Passion for writing, Ndow said: “Passion is energy, and it keeps you focused on what excites you. It is truly a labor of love,”


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