MSJ-4 calls for the lifting of Residential Permits for Fellow Africans living in Gambia


By: Foday Manneh

The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ-4), a Pan-African movement, has called on the government of The Gambia to lift residential permits for fellow Africans residing in the country.

This call was made after the movement launched its first-ever Pan-African forum in The Gambia on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, to enhance its fight to unify and liberate Africa.

“Other Africans should be accorded the same rights and privileges granted to Gambians in the public facilities.” The movement said in a dispatch.

According to the Secretary General of MSJ-4, Adama Bittaye, the forum was to raise awareness of the Pan-African ideology linking it to ECOWAS and the African Union’s free movement protocols.

“This forum will seek to maintain peace, harmony, and unity among different African nationals in the Gambia.” Says Adama.

He added that “the movement wants to ensure that the idea of a single African currency and the economic bloc is instilled in the minds of Africans.”

Mr. Bittaye said his movement is committed to fighting tirelessly in their quest for a borderless Africa.

He commended Namibia and Botswana for their recent abolishment of passports for traveling between the two African countries.

The Public Relations Officer of MSJ-4, Alhagie Basiru Bah, also underscored the significance of involving people of different African nationals in the forum. He sighted that this would help in the fight for a united Africa.

“We had people from over seven (7) different African nationalities who came to the forum and subscribed to the ideology of one Africa with no borders, which is a big achievement for the movement,” Basirou stated.


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