Mugging Gangs on the rampage in Lamin: 3 Men Robbed this week

Members of the Gambia Police Force on patrol

By Fatoumatta Saidykhan

Residents of Lamin are witnessing a new wave of robberies involving mugging gangs, making life unbearable for families in the West Coast township.

42-year-old Ismaila Bojang, a resident of Kombo Kerewan, said he was robbed at night on his way home from work.

Bojang said robbers pelted him with stones while riding his motorbike at a low speed around 2:13 am on the 9th of August 2023 and attacked him when he fell from the motorbike.

The Kerewan resident said he was then robbed by two unknown men who took his phone and wallets, adding that the surprise fall from the motorbike bruised his face and dislocated his shoulder.

Another Lamin resident, Nuha Jatta, also suffered a similar fate when bandits threw stones at him while riding his motorcycle at around the same time. Police task force officers assisted Nuha, who sustained lacerations on his head on patrol and brought him to the Banjulinding Health Center.

Mr. Nuha Jatta, the second victim, was referred to Kanifing General Hospital for further treatment.

Two days ago, another man identified as Lamarana, a bread supplier, was also stoned in the same area and robbed by the mugging gang.

He also sustained a deep laceration on his head. He lost a great measure of blood before he was rushed to the Banjulinding health center, where nurses referred him to Kanifing General Hospital for further treatment.

Meanwhile, TAT has contacted the deputy police spokesman, Muhammad Darboe, who said police are unaware of the incidents but promised to find out more details.

“Banjulinding police say they didn’t receive any such cases,” He told TAT.

Crime rates have been rising in the outlying parts of Lamin, which opens up new residential zones and surrounding communities becoming easy targets for mugging gangs.


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