Muslims in The Gambia Share Perspectives on the OIC Summit, call for Ceasefire in Gaza 


By Alieu Ceesay 

As The Gambia hosts the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit, Muslims throughout the nation are sharing their perspectives and thoughts on this momentous occasion.

Amid anticipation and expectations, their voices illuminate the summit’s impact and significance within the Gambian Muslim community.

As the conference kicked off in Banjul, Muslims lined up at the conference premises, calling on delegates to address the Palestine-Israel conflict. Holding Palestine flags and banners, they chanted “Free Palestine and ceasefire,” showing solidarity with Muslims in Palestine, especially women and children affected by the conflict. 

Muhammed Lamin Tambehdou, who led a group of women and men to the event, demanded conference leaders take tangible action on the Palestine conflict. “The most important thing I want these delegates to deal with is the Palestine war,” he emphasized. “We want peace between Palestine and Israel, and I’m sure they will talk about this, but this is urgently needed.” 

The theme for the 15th OIC Summit is “Enhancing Unity and Solidarity Through Dialogue for Sustainable Development.” Unity and dialogue – solutions that Palestine desperately needs as thousands lose their lives daily in the conflict. 

Fatima Nyang also stood in solidarity with Palestine. Adorned in Muslim attire and holding a banner that reads “Ceasefire, Stop the Genocide,” she shared her thoughts and expectations for the summit.

“I think it’s important we talk about the Palestine Genocide,” she asserts. “Women, children, and my fellow women and their children continue to lose their lives in Palestine. I believe that is unfair and too bad; let world leaders take action.” 

The conflict between Palestine and Israel has a long history, escalating with the declaration of the state of Israel in 1948. Since then, various wars, uprisings, negotiations, and peace processes have ensued, with no lasting resolution reached to date

Ben Camara clearly expressed her stance during an interview with TAT, saying, “Free Palestine, Stop the Genocide is wrong.” 

Badou Manneh emphasized the collective stance of Muslim countries against the genocide in Gaza. “I think all Muslim countries, in one way or another, stand against the genocide in Gaza by condemning it,” he states. “And I think this is the perfect avenue to cascade that stance; hence, it’s the second-largest international organization after the UN.”


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