New kid on the block: Inspiring to bring Grammy to The Gambia


By: Jerreh ‘Retsam’ Badjie (A&R)

Trencch Kidd embarked on his musical journey just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic; he honed his skills exploring techniques during the pandemic. A pivotal moment came when he connected with SK, a young producer who significantly influenced his path, providing beats and invaluable music insights. Balancing hiding from his unsuspecting parents, he faced fears of revealing his musical pursuits.

Born on November 5, 2004, Trennch Kidd drew inspiration from the early journeys of Lil Tecca and Lil Mosey, later expanding his influences to include artists like Lil Tjay, Polo G, NBA Youngboy, and Lil Baby.

Overcoming financial hurdles for studio time, video shoots, and more, Trencch Kidd captured attention with his debut, “In A Second,” and gained further acclaim with subsequent releases like “Pain Remedy.”

A turning point occurred when Trencch Kidd caught the attention of legendary producer Zeph Ellis, leading to Zeph becoming his sound engineer and manager. Venturing beyond rap, he explored genres from Afrobeats to Amapiano, Country, NY drill, and even Pop music. Along the journey, he encounters industry figures and catches the eye of Misfit, a savvy beat maker & producer, now part of his team, ready to create magic.

With a vision to elevate Gambia’s presence globally, Trencch Kidd aspires to become the first Gambian artist to bring home a Grammy, passionately representing Gambia on every stage and inspiring the next generation to keep creating what could potentially bring change to their lives and families.

Treencch Kidd released his new single “Paper Chasing” to anticipate his upcoming EP “Trencch Chronicles,” released December 15 on all major streaming platforms.

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