“No One can Silence me”: Momodou Sabally Speaks After Being Granted Bail

Momodou Sabally

By Mustapha Jarju

Momodou Sabally, the National Campaign Manager of the United Democratic Party (UDP), who has been released on bail from the police for the second time within ten months, said that no one can silence him from talking about salient national issues.

“I, Momodou Sabally, who have been arrested and detained under the presidency of Yahya Jammeh, not one or two, no one can frighten me or to silence me that you have a gun or are wearing a uniform,” Sabally told King FM radio. 

Sabally spoke for the first time after his release from police custody on bail.
He explained that police have a job and that no one can stop them from their work, but they should do it respectfully and follow the rule of law.

He argued that they are politicians and will do what they have to, but they will do it per the law, and if they did not break the law, the police should not attack them and make allegations against them to disturb them and their families.

“I know what they want; they wanted to silence me, but I will not be quiet; I was not quite yesterday, and today I will not be quiet, and tomorrow I will speak; I am in the UDP, and I am an opposition, and no one can force me to join the government,” he stressed.

Sabally, therefore, calls on the people to give each other the respect they deserve to sustain peace.


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