Nobles Sponsor Nema Kunku Sports Committee Tournament


By Lamin Fadera

In their quest to give back to the community, Nobles, an artiste group from Nema Kunku, has supported the Nema Sports Committee by sponsoring this year’s football tournament in partnership with Easy Financial Service.

According to the organizers, the tournament winner will return home with fifteen thousand dalasis.

The incredible trio of T Berry, Aya Zee, and Pablo compete in the tournament in a team called Nobles FC.

Speaking to Alkamba Times Sports at the Nema Kunku Football field, Pablo Badjan said over the past years, they have been supporting the flood victims in the community during the rainy season.

He said they also supported the sports committee last season, and this year, they are not stopping supporting, but they will also participate in the tournament.

“This is important; at Nobles, we support the community, especially flood victims. During the rainy season, the people of Nema suffer significantly because of bad drainage systems. We do help flood victims. Since last year, we have been involved in sports by giving back to the youths because we are all citizens of the Gambia.
During the rainy season, we don’t have a lot of shows, so this is the only way out to give back to the community of Nema Kunku and also engage the youths because they love football,” Pablo Badjang said.

Lead vocalist Aya Zee emphasizes that without the support of the people of Nema Kunku, they would not have existed in the country.

He said it gave them joy to return to where they started their musical careers to support the people.

“This is very special because there are no Nobles without Nema Kunku. So, it gave us so much joy to return and give back to the community.
Everybody came together to have fun irrespective of their tribe, religion, and beliefs; this is incredible,” Aya told the Allamba Times.

Enegrgic T Bery Colley plays as the team’s captain in the opening game at Nema Kunku football field.

T Bery reminiscent of the time they were young watching football on the field.

He said it has always been fun playing at the Nema Kunku football field, something that is reflected in their music.

“We are not only good at music, but we can play football too.
Our job as musicians is to preach unity and love. Playing here is incredible, and supporting Nema Sports Committee is like supporting ourselves, ” T Bery told the Alkamba Times Sports.

The social secretary of the Nema Kunku Sports Committee hailed the Nobles trio for coming to their aid when they needed it most.

The President of the Sports Committee, Cherno Bah, was thrilled with the Nobles group’s support of the sports committee.

Bah said the trio has been supporting his committee. This reduced the burden on them. He said they haven’t received such support for many years.

In the late kickoff game, the musical sensations were in action. Captain T Berry led the team, and Pablo Badjan played some part in their 7-1 defeat against Middle Bi FC.

Abdoulie Jaguaraga and Dawda Manneh scored a hat trick against the Nobles FC team today.


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