Omid Wisdom to release a new single, ‘Spice and Ginger’ soon

Omid Wisdom's musical catalog offers consistency based on quality before quantity.

The name Omid Wisdom is not new to the music scene in the Gambia. A hit maker with multiple hits such as Taka Ni Janta featured on one of MTV’s online spaces and named a song for New Gambia by the popular Glife Magazine. Black Love – a favorite among lovers and political pundits receiving countless plays on national television stations in his hometown, the Gambia.

Spice and Ginger is another masterpiece that follows the quality he is known for. Spice and Ginger will be released on the 16th of December 2022 under his Wisdom Worldwide imprint, distributed by Plus Two Zero. Omid Wisdom is currently signed to a Gambian Nigerian record label, “Money Empire.”

The third single to his long-awaited album project, “Seasons, ” is set to be released in 2023/2024. Spice and Ginger take the listener on a musical journey with a story about a bad boy developing feelings for a girl he’s met.

The man behind Chewing Gum Baby – every woman’s favorite song, No Be Lie, Love To Party, Kumbaya Boom Bye Eh to the recent BBC featured “Omar Colley,” which also received international plaudits on major platforms all across Italy.

Regarded as the most multitalented artist in the Gambia by many, Omid Wisdom’s artistic works are not only limited to music but various areas of the entertainment industry.

He is an actor, a producer, a beatboxer, a voice-over act, a documentary creator and narrator, a writer, a model manager, an entrepreneur, and a radio and TV personality with his first TV Show amassing millions of views on its parent website, Sahel Films.

Omid Wisdom’s musical catalog offers consistency based on quality before quantity.

“The song will resonate with men and women alike as it speaks on transitioning from playful feelings to “feeling something there. He feels something as strong as spices from Shanghai as he feels her “ginger.” Omid told Alkamba Times Entertainment.

“Wise guy, bad guy, pied pepper then bye bye, fall guy, na lie, still can’t believe it’s I” are some of the lyrics to the song describing his recount of the possible transition towards developing something serious with the lady. Love and marital relationships play an essential part in every society—feelings, on the other hand, play an important role in those relationships. The focus of the message is hopeful that the emotions he is feeling will wax more substantial and muscular, or he might return to his playful ways, as it is not like bad boys to be “feeling something there.”

An Afrofusion/Afroswing song was produced by a famous German Nigerian producer named Olli Banjo.


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