Oxford Africa Conference 2024: Charting Africa’s Path Forward – A Journey of Possibilities Opens in London 

Participants at the event

Academic scholars, policymakers, and innovators committed to Africa’s future are convening in London for the two-day Oxford Africa Conference, themed “Charting Africa’s Path Forward: A Journey of Possibilities.”

The event, held at the University of Oxford from May 24th through May 25th, 2024, attracts a diverse group of thought leaders, policymakers, and innovators dedicated to Africa’s future.

This year’s theme emphasizes a proactive and hopeful outlook on the continent’s development. It aims to explore Africa’s vast potential and the innovative solutions required to address its challenges. The conference seeks to inspire and equip leaders with actionable strategies for sustainable growth and transformation.

“Our goal is to provide a platform where visionary ideas can be shared and actionable strategies developed,” said Isatou M Bokum, President of Oxford Africa Society. “By focusing on the journey of possibilities, we aim to inspire and equip leaders to drive positive change across Africa.”

The two-day event will feature a comprehensive program, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Key topics include economic diversification, technological innovation, climate change resilience, and healthcare advancements. Esteemed speakers from various fields will share their insights, fostering a collaborative environment.

“This conference is crucial for reimagining Africa’s future,” said Hon. Raila Odinga, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya. “It’s not just about identifying problems but also about discovering and implementing solutions that can lead to sustainable development and inclusive growth.”

Over 500 delegates, including policymakers, business leaders, academics, and young professionals, are expected to attend. This diverse group will be able to network, share knowledge, and form partnerships that could shape the continent’s future.

“Being part of this conference is a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from those leading the way in Africa’s transformation. It’s inspiring and empowering,” said Aminata Jaiteh, who attended the event.

The Oxford Africa Conference 2024 aims to chart a forward-thinking path for Africa, emphasizing the continent’s strengths and potential fostering dialogue and collaboration, the event seeks to unlock new possibilities and drive sustainable progress.


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