PAP leader examines 2026 Presidential elections with a call for a strong alliance against Barrow


By: Alieu Ceesay

The Peoples Alliance Party (PAP) leader, Mr. Ebrima Tabora Manneh, has announced that his party is open to serious alliances leading up to the 2026 Presidential elections with a call for unity among opposition parties against the incumbent President Adama Barrow.

“Alliances are possible; I won’t say I can’t be an ally with anybody. We’ve met with all political parties contested in the 2021 Presidential election. But for us to affiliate with any political party, it must be solely in the interest of The Gambia. It must be known to Gambians that our coalition is made in unity, promoting unity among all tribes,” the PAP leader told Journalists at a news conference in Banjul early Saturday.

Commenting on the much-anticipated draft Constitution aimed at paving the way for the third Republic, Manneh urged legal expertise to take the necessary steps to implement the multi-million Dalasi draft Constitution.

Manneh outlined PAP’s strategies to address the current economic challenges faced by average Gambians, focusing on job creation for youths and supporting the agricultural sector.

“To create jobs for youths, we have rivers with abundant fish; provide tools to youths for fishing, process those fish, and sell them outside. Give farmers loans at reasonable prices, fertilizers, and farming equipment. Ensure that capital is available, and we will ensure every region has its factory. We will invest at least One Million Dalasi in every region,” he emphasized.

Manneh assured that with a PAP government, “security forces would be trained, supported, empowered, and equipped.”

Peoples Alliance Party was registered as a political party in 2022, symbolized by a broom, signifying the party’s aim to “sweep” through the government.


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