Peace Ambassadors the Gambia on Intercultural Trip to Dakar

Members of Peace Ambassadors the Gambia

By Mustapha Jarju

Peace Ambassadors the Gambia in partnership with the Ambassadors De Le Paix Senegal have from 2007 to date organized an intercultural event in Dakar, Senegal.

This year, youth peace ambassadors from the Gambia will join their counterparts in Senegal to plant trees in Dakar.

The visitors from the Gambia are expected to visit various places of interest, including Goree Island, the Renaissance Monument, game parks, and go on beach outings.

The team of 55 youths departed from the Gambia on Sunday, and team leader Abdoulie A Taal said the trip is all about connecting the rich cultures of the Senegambia region.

They will during this trip visit the Slave House in Goree Island, and see the gate to “the journey of no return”.

They will also plant coconut trees at a school called Ex Clemenceau, where they are resident in Medina, to leave a legacy of the friendship between peace ambassadors of the two countries.

Team member Matarr Saidykhan of the Peace Ambassadors said the Dakar trip is an annual activity. The first trip in 2007 was funded by UNESCO to foster participants’ understanding of cultural diversity in Senegambia.

Amie Keita, a first-time participant, said she was excited and hopes to learn from visiting different places in Dakar that are known for their cultural value.

Planting trees will make them remembered as the peace ambassadors who planted them there, she added, and looked forward to the exercise.


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