Police Launch “Investigations into shooting incident” at Lamin Babylon


The serious Crime Department of the Gambia Police Force has opened investigations into a shooting incident that occurred at Lamin Babylon on Thursday December 16, 2021.

Police Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) visited the scene of Crime to gather evidence for documentation and analyses.

Preliminary investigations revealed that, one Abdou Njie a 73-year-old man (hunter), visited a home in Lamin Babylon to market his carcass and left his loaded hunting gun unattended during a brief marketing transaction in the compound with a customer.

During his brief absence, a 10-year-old boy took the loaded gun and while fidgeting, pulled the trigger leading to the inadvertent firing of the gun.

The accidental gun shot led to the eventual death of a 12-year-old girl.

Investigators are probing into the circumstances of the death to establish possible criminal motives.


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