Pres. Barrow claims to ease economic hardships amidst public distress on price hikes


President Adama Barrow has announced that his government is conscious of its responsibilities to deliver its promise of stabilizing prices of goods and services nationwide to ease the accompanying hardships imposed on people.

‘’We took various steps to lower the price of fuel, which has implications on business transactions and the price of commodities,’’ Barrow informed people at the country’s 58th independence anniversary.

The Gambian leader also added that his government would continue to monitor public institutions and work with the private sector to maximize their contribution to national development and to improve living standards in the small west African country.

Despite these claims by the head of state, citizens across the smiling coast nation continue to lament the daily increase in the price of essential food commodities.
Sarjo Barry is a vendor at the Bansang market in the Central River Region. Daily she sells vegetables and other house-full provisions.

‘’Business is very challenging; I bought these garden eggs and potatoes today, but people are not buying them. Women find it difficult to buy it because they are not financially strong,’’ she disclosed.

Mai Suwareh, another vendor at the market, described Business as very poor and quickly blamed it on the country’s current economic crisis.

These vendors blamed the slow pace of their businesses on the high cost of essential food commodities, which drove customers away from the market.

‘’The government should help us to lower the price of basic food commodities; despite our efforts, we have trust in them, ’Habbie Sabally, a frustrated vendor lamented.


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