President Barrow Advocates for Respect for China Sovereignty over Taiwan


The Gambian President, Adama Barrow, has called on the world leaders to respect China’s sovereignty over Taiwan and avoid any actions that could undermine peace.
He made this statement while addressing the UN 77th General Assembly in New York.

Recently America and China nearly clashed over the issue of Taiwan, which is yet to gain its independence from the People’s Republic of China. American President Joe Biden threatened to send its military to defend the interest of Taiwan over China.

Israel has been tormenting the republic of Palestine since time immemorial expanding on the west bank and bombarding with rockets. However, some believe that the Jewish nation would not be able to inflict such pain on the Palestinians without the backing of the American government.

However, many world leaders have been condemning Israeli action against Arab Palestine. The latest to join the fight is President Adama Barrow. He addressed the 77th UN General Assembly on Thursday, delivering a solid message to Israel that Palestine’s relations need impetus for lasting peace. As people, the Palestinians deserve a state of their own hence there is a call for a new peace initiative that includes the revival of the Arab peace initiative.

In Africa and elsewhere, the cost of living, inflation, imagined insecurity, and devastating economies continue to frustrate pandemic recovery efforts, making the debt burden reach crisis.

President Adama Barrow renewed calls on Ukraine/Russia to adhere to the global plea for global dialogue and end the war, noting that Africa depends on international peace.

The Gambian leader also called on the Rohingya government to comply with the international court of justice ruling and end all human rights violations against its citizens.

He emphasized that Africa will continue to demand its rightful place in the permanent membership category of the United Nations Security Council; thus, the negotiations must produce tangible results.


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