President Barrow Announces a Referendum on a New Constitution in a New Year message

President Barrow

By: Alieu Ceesay

In his New Year message in 2024, President Adama Barrow unveiled significant plans for the country, announcing that the 2020 draft Constitution for the Third Republic will be subject to a national referendum.

“In 2024, among other events, we eagerly look forward to three major events, namely, the OIC Summit, the Janjangbureh Bicentenary Festival, and holding a referendum on the new Constitution for the Third Republic. The Government solicits your support as they unfold,” President Barrow stated.

The President also outlined critical priorities for 2024, emphasizing the Government’s commitment to efficiency and quality output as part of the new “YIRIWA” program.

“Every new year inspires new visions, resolutions, plans, and approaches. For 2024, I propose adopting Efficiency for Quality Output as our New Year resolution, inject quality into whatever we do, and act as agents of peace and development,” President Barrow urged.

Addressing the pressing issue of migration, particularly its impact on Gambians, President Barrow called on coastal communities to be vigilant and report any attempts associated with illegal migration.

“The local communities, especially residents along the coastline, must play a more active part in preventing irregular migration. Family units, friends, and everyone else should be vigilant enough to intercept all potentially dangerous journeys that involve Gambian citizens, either as traffickers, passengers, boat crew, or otherwise.”

Acknowledging the global challenge of inflation affecting many countries, including the Gambia, President Barrow highlighted the need to step up local production to reduce imports and alleviate the associated cost burden.

“Part of the solution to this challenge lies in stepping up local production to reduce imports and, thus, avoid the cost burden associated with importation.”

In concluding remarks, President Barrow celebrated successes under his leadership, including crime reduction and infrastructure development. As the nation enters another year, President Barrow, like all Gambians, remains hopeful for continued growth and opportunities to overcome challenges encountered in 2023.

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