President Faye & Barrow commit to maintaining the Joint Presidential Council to strengthen relations further

Faye and Barrow at the Meeting in State House

By: Alieu Famara Sagnia 

In a joint official communique issued in Banjul on Saturday, 20 April, Gambia’s President Adama Barrow and Senegal’s Bassirou Diomaye Faye (BDF) pledged to maintain the Presidential Council and work to upgrade relations to the level of a strategic partnership.

This was BDF’s first working visit to Banjul and his second overseas visit since assuming office in March 2024.

According to the communique, the two leaders agreed to hold the next Presidential Council summit meeting in Dakar on the dates to be agreed upon.

The last Council meeting was held in Banjul and attended by Macky Sall in 2023.
Gambia and Senegal have agreements on security, judiciary, air transport, and forestry, among others, the communique said.

According to the communique, Barrow renewed his invitation to BDF to the 15th OIC summit in Banjul on 4 and 5 May, and BDF accepted. Barrow thanked Senegal for its support in organizing the OIC Banjul summit.

Speaking at State House in Banjul on Saturday, Barrow recalled that his first official visit overseas as President was to Senegal in 2017.

He noted that Senegal played a big part in Gambia’s peaceful transition during the impasse in 2017.

Barrow declared that Gambia would continue to work with BDF to consolidate peace and cordiality and that Gambia would remain a reliable partner at the bilateral and multilateral levels.

Barrow, in his speech, mentioned being mindful of a president’s legacy, but in talking about leaving a legacy, he cited infrastructure built, but not what Senegalese now call one’s “bilan immaterial.”

In his speech, BDF said he would continue where his predecessor Macky Sall left off and reminded everyone that the new government in Dakar has a “project” that prioritizes promoting pan-African integration.

He announced that Barrow must rest assured that he continues to have a friend in Dakar, and the new Senegalese authorities will work to boost bilateral and African relations. He commended Barrow for consolidating Senegalo-Gambian ties as Gambia’s head of state.

BDF pointed out that he first visited Mauritania because Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani serves as the current chairman of the African Union and that Banjul is the first African capital he visits after going to Nouakchott.”


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