Press Release: UDP Mourns The Untimely Passing of Aja Nogoi Njie 


The United Democratic Party is devastated by the untimely passing of AJA NOGOI NJIE, a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) and Second Vice President Women Wing of the UDP. Death has robbed our Party and the people of the Gambia of a humble, dependable, and dedicated servant.

 The UDP pays tribute to this extraordinary freedom fighter whose sacrifices and commitment to the liberation of her people remain a source of inspiration to many young members of our movement. All those who love justice, freedom and democracy will sorely miss her indomitable spirit, political maturity, and passion for defending those who are vulnerable in our society, especially women. In this regard, Aja Nogoi was unrelenting in her gender activism.

Aja NOGOI  has a rich history of struggle and service to the people of The Gambia. She was a leader who had a calling to serve the people of The Gambia, and who chose to surrender her own life to the service of the people. Her life was a living example that revolutionary leaders are not born but emerge from experience. They are shaped and nurtured by the daily struggles of the people and the values of the freedom struggle.

AJA NOGOI was arrested and tortured with the Late EBRIMA Solo SANDENG on that fateful day in April 2016.  She was with Solo SANDENG to the tragic end, and she never recovered from the horrific torture meted out to her. Aja NOGOI was in constant pain for the past seven years and in and out of hospitals.

The UDP  urges all  members and activists to emulate the example of dedication, discipline, and loyalty that Aja NOGOI displayed. Even in death, her voice will continue to speak in defence of ordinary people. In her memory and in carrying forward the legacy she leaves behind, we must recommit ourselves to work towards a better life for all Gambians so that her sacrifices and her life’s work would not be in vain. 

To  Her immediate family, the UDP is with you in this hour of pain. We pray for strength and fortitude during this moment of grief. We pray that Allah SWT may grant Her Al Jannah, our thoughts and prayers are with her family as we mourn with them.


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