Queen Scorpions Kaddy Jarju set to leave for Ghana after the season

Gambian Queen Scorpions forward Kaddy Jarju

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh

Gambian Queen Scorpions forward Kaddy Jarju has signed a three-year contract with Ghana Cape Coast-based club Lady Strikers FC.

Jarju, who is one of the Gambia’s much-touted prospects, will move to Ghana after the conclusion of the Gambia Female First Division.

Kaddy has four caps with the national team and has scored 85 goals for Future Bi FC. She has been the leading goal scorer of the Female second division for three consecutive years.

The Brikama Medina born is a real threat in front of goal, and her qualities have made her a hot property with interest from Determine Girls & DC Shooters of Liberia, Bayelsa Queens of Nigeria likewise a club from Sierra Leone and South Africa before agreeing to sign for the Ghanaian club.

The player, Future Bi vice president Assan Jatta, and Gambia Women’s football coordinator Sainey Sissohore opened up to the Alkamba Times Sports desk regarding the recent positive development of women’s football.

“First, I would like to thank Allah for giving me this opportunity to put pen to paper for my first international contract. Every Gambian player dreams of signing an international contract and getting more exposure. However, it’s going to be a new experience for me. It’s all the same soccer, and I’m fully ready mentally and physically to do more than I was doing in the Gambia, score more goals, and develop myself more,” she told TAT Sports.

“Finally, it would never be fair enough if I don’t give thanks to my family for giving me a chance to showcase my talent, my fans who supported me, my teammates who have always been there for me, my coaches, and most importantly Jeng who has to take all his time, resources and energy to make me the best version of myself.”

Future Bi Vice President Assan Jatta praised Kaddy for her loyalty and as a good club ambassador.

“Lady Strikers FC have been following her progress since in the second division. She has been scouted. They are the ones that had the breakthrough regarding her transfer. Kaddy is our main striker. We have a pool of talents. Replacing Kaddy will be fine. We all agreed that getting her caliber would be a problem. We have people who can score; she scored one out of our four goals so far. That tells you scoring isn’t a problem.”

“At least it’s an opening of connections, club representatives are watching Kaddy, and while watching Kaddy, there can be other opportunities for others; she might even go with someone. Part of the agreement is to have that bilateral connection, they will be coming for preseason, and we are going for preseason; those are important components we are working with. We are glad that Kaddy signed; the pressure in-house from these institutional teams approached your star player and offered them jobs; Kaddy was there for us, sacrificed for us, and waited for her opportunity.”

Kaddy’s move to Ghana will bring the number of Gambia Women foreign-based players to 15, and such figures and progress are a delight for Sainey Sissohore.

“Kaddy is very determined and loves women’s football. This is all passion, something you must dedicate yourself to and have passion for.”

“It’s a great development for women’s football, especially from the region and area she hails from. She has such a good opportunity to go outside and play professional football. This will encourage young players around in her area to see women’s football as not only for fun but rather something you can build your future and career with. This transfer will give young players the mindset that we have something in the future that can hold, especially if she excels in Ghana.”

“This transfer is a great development for women’s football in the Gambia. This shows the league is improving, we are producing good players, and now you can see the likes of Ghana and Nigeria focusing on our players. This shows they are following our women’s league and its progress also. Who knows, maybe Morocco, Algeria, and France will one-day sign players from the Gambia. We want to see these things in women’s football; it shows we are in the direction we advocate for. It shows our league is not stopping and moving forward,” she added.


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