Referees expressed concern over unpaid wages; GFF says the payment is in process


By: Pa Barrow

Members of the referee’s group have expressed deep concerns over the unpaid wages owed to them by The Gambia Football Federation for officiating the entire second-round matches in the country’s division one and two leagues.

The referees in both first and second-division leagues are yet to receive their remunerations for the entire second-round matches that they officiated in the men’s and women’s division one and two games in the 2021/2022 league season, TAT Sports is reliably informed.

A top Gambian referee (name withheld) who officiated in The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) league matches told the Alkamba Times in an interview:

“It is about two months since the completion of the division one and two league matches in the country, and referees are yet to receive their payments for the whole second round matches. Therefore, some referees entirely depend on the profession to feed their families,” he told the Alkamba Times.

“Refereeing is very important and deserves respect. There cannot be a competitive football match without referees. But, unfortunately, in most cases, referees are the scapegoat for most losing sides, with players, coaches, and supporters all using foul words and bad language against us. Our profession and efforts, therefore, need to be valued and monies owed to us paid by the Federation,” he stated.

Another young and promising referee also told us his frustration about what they are currently facing.

” This should be a concern for the entire football fraternity because what the Referees are facing is not fair; how can you do a job and you are not paid,” He asked.

Mr. Baboucarr Camara is the Gambia Football Federation’s director of communication.

He confirmed to The Alkamba Times that the referees are not paid their remuneration for the second round of the national division one league 2021/2022 season.

“The Federation is responsible for the country’s first and second divisions.
Unfortunately, however, we are without any sponsorship, which is a serious concern for the leadership of the Federation. Even the chairman of the referees association is an executive member of the GFF, and I spoke to him about this matter. But the good thing is that we, in the process, are paying them,” he explained.

Mr. Camera also confirmed that both First and Second Division referees have not been paid.


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